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Raised in an artistic family, Simone was trained at the University of Victoria with a M.A. degree in art history, coupled with seven years of academic training in art history and visual arts from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. Simone has had solo exhibitions across the lower mainland of British Columbia, and her work is in private collections in North America and Asia.


My interest has been focused on a nature-based environment, sometimes spotted with traces of human’s co-existence or ever-presence. I am fascinated with the primitive power in nature, its inner-disciplines beyond multilayered chaos, the sense of tranquility it creates, and its reflection on a boundless spirit.


This series of works intend to unveil the beauty of a translucent garden scenery. Dappled with sunlight and hovering clouds, my brushwork juggles to examine the nuances of light, shade, space, and time, capture the impression of an ephemeral moment, and play with the aesthetic notion of “true/real” and “false/illusive” in visual interpretation. In a loose, spontaneous and calligraphic manner, my works strive to create an intriguing space or atmosphere, that invite you to experience and resonate.

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