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“I am inspired to create paintings that explore the wondrous and sacred natural spaces of our Canadian west coast. My puzzle-like designs are colourful, whimsical and playful. They are carefully constructed to communicate energy, balance and harmony. One of my greatest joys as an artist is to push the boundaries between realism and abstraction. I enjoy taking great liberties when drawing and interpreting my subjects, and feel guided daily by my creative muse. I hope you enjoy my unique expression of our beautiful land.”

Jodie is influenced by classic Canadian artists Lawren Harris and Emily Carr whose timeless paintings reveal the paradox of Canada: rugged, still and solemn, yet energetic and always changing. She is also drawn to elements of the early twentieth-century Cubist art movement, including multiple perspective, experimental light, and exaggerated geometric form. Notable artistic influences from this era include Picasso, Cezanne and Braque.

Jodie Blaney received formal art training from Emily Carr University. She is recognized as an active member with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her work has been recognized in local painting competitions, earning ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Honourable Mention’. Her paintings are held in private collections in Canada and abroad.

She lives in Delta with her husband and son and paints from her home studio.

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