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Perry Haddock is recognized as one of Canada’s most accomplished artists, and in 2013 he was
awarded Senior Signature status (SFCA) with the Federation of Canadian Artists, the
organization’s highest recognition of excellence.

With over twenty years of professional experience as a painter, Perry has developed a unique
style which reflects a bold approach to applying paint and colour. His landscapes are instantly
recognizable for their painterly and confident brushwork and unabashed love of colour. Above
all, they show Perry’s ability to distill the essence of a particular landscape in a contemporary
impressionistic style. He wants the viewer to engage in the process with him, always enjoying
the little bit of mystery that is left to complete.

Perry explains that for him, art is simply a way of expressing mood.  “Whether I paint or sing or
play a tuba, I’m expressing my personal reaction to my world at a given moment, so I want my
paintings to reveal something of my emotion and my personality to those who see them.”

With a background in education, Perry is a popular and sought-after workshop leader, and he
enjoys sharing his knowledge of painting and its challenges, as well as his love of simply having
fun with paint. He hopes his paintings reflect his joy in living life to the fullest.

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