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Carol loves the contemplation involved in capturing a scene.  She works on location, carrying her watercolour sketchbook journals on her travels around Vancouver and her frequent travel adventures further afield.  Author of the book "On Keeping A Sketchbook Journal",
she is a huge proponent of sketching as a way to wake up and really see the world around us..


After experimenting with printmaking, she was torn: continue with atmospheric watercolour that she loved or switch to this exciting, bolder medium.  Instead, she decided to do some research and figure out a way to combine them both.


``I love cities; the stories, the history, the energy.  For me, the combination of relief printmaking and watercolour is a perfect way to capture them.  The printmaking portion acts as the constructed

environment, and the watercolour the more temporary, changeable element.`


Carol is a Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, with her `Rooftops of Montmartre` linocut/watercolour winning first place in their 2015 Landscape Show.


She`s a self-professed Artist in Residence junkie, and part of the Vancouver Collective "13 Feet Off The Ground". 

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